South of the Mason-Dixon

Another trip to Tennessee!  We took the scenic route both up and back and it was FANTASTIC.  One of my SIL’s thought that sounded terrible, and the other said it sounded like a great time.  Guess I know who I WON’T be taking a car trip with, hmm??

Pretty little thing

We were way too hungover to be participating in sunrise photo shoots, but I’m so glad we did!

This road may have been a bad decision.  1hr to go 8miles.  Ouch.

Awesome vineyard that we stopped at in N. GA.  Aren’t all vineyard’s awesome though??  Check them out here.

Fabulous trip, for sure.


A few weeks ago we went up to the cabin with Josh’s family (minus one brother/wife/kiddo combo who were in PA with her family).  We had a total blast riding the go-carts and causing a ruckus like the big group of rednecks that we are.

I won’t lie – I adore being from Tennessee.   It works as a great excuse when you want to wear no shoes or use “bless her heart” as a backhanded compliment or refer to the police as “the law”.   It also doesn’t hurt that this particular weekend we were up in the Sevierville/Gatlinburg area, which just calls to you to let your inner Dolly out.

I digress.  What I wanted to share was a picture I took of my niece and my father in law that melts my heart into a Paula Deen sized pool of butter.

I L.O.V.E. this picture.  I want to blow it up and frame it in my house, and it’s not even my child.

They were snuggling on the porch of our cabin, he was tickling her in her “pandi” pj’s and she was giggling hysterically.  I had my camera out to take some pictures of the mountains, and I turned around and just started snapping the two of them.

The great thing about always using your family as practice when you’re starting out a photography business is that they all become immune to the camera.  No one blinks when I pull out the big guy and start taking pictures of them doing whatever it is that they’re focused on at the moment.

I hope that in many, many years, when my father in law is long gone and my niece has children of her own, she’ll look at this picture and remember how sweet is was to be 5 and able to curl up so comfortably in her Papa’s lap.  How easy it was to laugh and giggle and wear pandi pajamas and not worry about anything other than where he’s going to tickle next.

Saturday we made a trip up to Chattanooga to see mom’s chorus compete in a regional competition.   We had a blast – they rocked it out (as much as a group of 50-80yr old women dressed like hookers and singing barbershop can) and won 3rd in the midsize category.  I’m very proud of her – they take this shit SERIOUSLY.

No really, they were all pissed that they didn’t get higher than that.  


We had some fun walking around Chattanooga  after the competition.  They’ve really spruced up the downtown area…it’s actually a lot more dynamic than you’d expect from a country fried southern town.

A local school made these…

Great way to spruce up a crappy building, right?

I know this look is totally overdone, but I loved the way it looked with this sculpture.

Well done Chattanooga, well done.

DUDE.  For those who aren’t blessed (?) enough to live in the southern half of the country, I need to let you in on a little secret.

4inches of snow = BLIZZARD

As in, roads shut down.  Businesses closed.  All milk, tp, and beer GONE from The Krogers.

It also brings out the inner kid in all of us, which could be why even though there aren’t any kids on our street there was a giant snowball fight last night.  Boys vs. Girls.  I may or may not have been hit in the face with a snowball….but I’ve never claimed to have any of that hand-eye “coordination” nonsense.


We headed out on the “treacherous” roads this morning (as in, my husband woke me up at 6:30AM like a kid on Christmas.  A kid on Christmas who brought mommy a very large cup of coffee.  Smart kid.) to take some pictures.

I love this vintage look.

Have I mentioned that my husband is my favorite?

He’s my favorite

Just making sure it’s safe…

This thing was like 9ft tall.  Made out of 4 inches of snowfall.  BEAT THAT CANADA