Saturday we made a trip up to Chattanooga to see mom’s chorus compete in a regional competition.   We had a blast – they rocked it out (as much as a group of 50-80yr old women dressed like hookers and singing barbershop can) and won 3rd in the midsize category.  I’m very proud of her – they take this shit SERIOUSLY.

No really, they were all pissed that they didn’t get higher than that.  


We had some fun walking around Chattanooga  after the competition.  They’ve really spruced up the downtown area…it’s actually a lot more dynamic than you’d expect from a country fried southern town.

A local school made these…

Great way to spruce up a crappy building, right?

I know this look is totally overdone, but I loved the way it looked with this sculpture.

Well done Chattanooga, well done.