I’m a big believer in signs. I broke up with my husband when we first started dating because of a dream I had.

It was a pretty crazy dream.

So obviously I believe in watching out for what God/life/the universe throws in your path. The billboard sized hints that I have a hard time believing are completely random, especially when they’re so perfectly placed.

I’ve been hit with a lot of Europe images lately. When Josh and I spent over 3months backpacking there in 2006 we used an old video camera to tape (TAPE!) parts of the trip, and we finally got those tapes (OMG TAPES!) made into DVD’s yesterday. So obviously we spent all last night watching videos of us in Europe. Looking very skinny. And very tan. UGH.

A girl in my office is honeymooning to Spain, to Barcelona. Barcelona was by far one of our favorite stops on our trip. We stayed an extra 4 days, which when you’re only spending 2 days in each city is a seriously big deal. She also speaks fluent French, so we chat about Barcelona and I practice my heinous french on her. Poor girl.

Then today I found this post, and it made me simultaneously smile and tear up. It threw me back 4 years ago to riding bikes in Amsterdam (I almost killed a local elderly woman…my bad), driving teensy Grecian roads in our little POS Hyundai (all 4 tires were spares – classy!), being screamed at by the train station man in Portugal, and eating EVERYTHING IN SIGHT in Italy.

If there was ever a time that stressed a relationship, it should have been then. I mean, hell, 90% of the time Josh was the only other person who spoke English. So it was either speak to Josh or speak to no one. And FYI, I cannot “speak to no one”. Just not wired that way. But we had a fantastic time and at the end were even closer than before.

Then we came back and, YAY! Real life! Which is so mindblowingly amazing and mindblowingly angering, all in the same DAY sometimes.

SO. Where was I? Oh right. Signs.

So here we are, sitting at a junction in life where things kind of suck, just the two of us against the world, and then I’m hit with all of these reminders of how great life can be. How great life WAS for the two of us. And while we have stayed so strong with each other, and I know that there’s no one I’d rather be fighting side by side with than my best friend, lately I just don’t want to fight anymore. Like the world is our 7th grade boyfriend, and we need to send OUR bff to tell IT’S bff that we can’t sit next to each other at lunch any more. And we’re TOTALLY not going to 2nd base.

So what’s God/life/the universe trying to tell me with these signs? That another trip to Europe is in order? Is He/it/it trying to give me hope? Or just rubbing it in my face that You guys had your fun! DONE! Or, more appropriately, FINITO!?

I’m having trouble interpreting this sign. Can I have another?