January 2011

WordPress for the iPhone is finally working! Quite frankly I can’t believe an app can make me this happy, but I’ll take my highs where I can get them.

It’s funny, when you can’t drink, exercise, or eat deliciously unpasturized cheeses, it really is the little things that do it for you!


Today I’m 20 weeks pregnant.  Half way to what I expect will be one of the most life altering moments I’ll ever experience.

Fittingly, I woke up with Bon Jovi’s “Livin’ on a Prayer” stuck in my head.  (You know – “Whoaaa, we’re half way there”).  Awesome – happy Tuesday!

I’ve started to feel teensy tiny baby movements, which has to be one of the coolest things I’ve ever felt.  Finally some “proof” that there’s actually a baby in there (and that I’m not just getting pudgy with a superhuman sense of smell).  I think I felt them for the first time almost 2 weeks ago, and even in just 2 short weeks they’ve gotten significantly stronger.  At first I could only feel them if I laid perfectly still on my back and kept my hands on my little bump, but now I’ll feel them at the dinner table, or watching tv.  It honestly feels a little alien-esque!  It’s awesome.  Josh finally felt some significant “bumps” last night, and I know it just made his evening.  Up until now, I’m not sure he knew what he was feeling for, but last night baby gave a few swift kicks that moved both of our hands.

In other pregnancy news, I’m finally back up to my pre-pregnancy weight.  I can’t believe it took me that long to get back.  I was sure that through the holidays I’d gain quickly, but body and baby had other plans.  Regardless, I’m thrilled because this means that I finally get to start eating normally.

In the beginning I didn’t eat a damn thing – lived off G2 gatorade and one taco bell bean burrito a day.  I just can’t believe that’s the ONLY thing that didn’t make me want to hurl!  It’s got to be drunk college kids and pregnant women keeping that place alive.  After that I was just eating everything in sight to try to gain my 10lbs back.  I was so worried about baby’s development falling behind that I was packing in calories left and right. (Not that I’m complaining, mind you.  It was deliciously amazing). Now I’m finally where I should be, so I can start to eat yummy, but healthy, foods regularly.

However, I’m still not giving up the TB or the ice cream.  Sorry baby 🙂

I told myself that starting January 1, I was going to be better about posting on this blog.  I guess it’s only January 6th, so I shouldn’t be too hard on myself, but I’m definitely slacking.  Man.  6 days in, already behind.

The thing is, we got iPhone’s for Christmas (well…2 weeks before Christmas…but I put them in our stockings to make it feel more real), so I got all jazzed about the WordPress app.  OMG – I could do EVERYTHING from my iPhone!  Unfortunately I got nothing but errors when trying to load the blog, and after doing a little reasearch into ratings and such, it seems I’m not the only one who had these issues.  Boo. 

So I guess my point is, it’s not my fault!  Clearly WordPress has something against my posting.  It’s a conspiracy.  Just like all those dead birds and fish…I bet WordPress had something to do with them too. 

I suppose I’ll have to sit at an actual computer to post a blog. 

Isn’t it funny how something that seemed so simple, can turn to such a “burden” with the introduction of new technology?  Remember how super amazingly cool cordless phones were when they first came out?  You could finally throw out that extra long cord – you know, the one that allowed you to walk all over your room while still on the phone with your BFF?  Then cell phones came out, and we were all OMG my cordless phone doesn’t even WORK when I walk to the neighbors house!  Ludicrous!!  Now here I am complaining that my cell phone application doesn’t easily allow me to create a blog post. 

Maybe I should get my extra long cord back out for a day, then see how much of a “burden” this really is. 🙂