October 2010

I just want to know why, when I search “brown and white nursery” in google images, it pulls up this image:



Last Wednesday morning I woke up and peed on a little plastic stick.  I waited until the day after my birthday because I didn’t feel like the disappointment of another negative pregnancy test on my birthday.  I’d already seen plenty of them this year, and the thought of seeing that little blue horizontal line looking pathetically up at me on my 27th birthday morning was not the way I wanted to start my day.  So I put it off until Wednesday, figuring I’d be happy on my birthday, and deal with the disappointment of another fruitless month later.

So on Wednesday I woke up and prepared myself for yet another disheartening morning.  I mean, we’d been trying for 9 months, and nothing had come of it so far.  Hell, I hadn’t even registered on the ovulation kit a few months.  But this time had been different.  This time the lonely blue horizontal line wasn’t so lonely.  It had a little intersecting friend.  And that little intersecting friend said very clearly that our lives were going to change forever.