Family Fun

Dear little baby inside my tummy,

I’m a little concerned.  See, you’re currently at 30weeks, 2 days gestation – which means that you still have AT LEAST another 6 weeks of cooking to do – and I can tell you already want out.  You have wiggled, poked, kicked, punched, rolled, and stretched more in the past 3 days than I ever thought was possible for someone who only weighs in at around 3lbs.  Even now, as I sit at work and lean against my desk to type, you are pushing so hard that my body is being physically shoved away from my desk.

Don’t get me wrong – I absolutely LOVE to feel you move around.  It’s a constant reminder of the perfect little life growing inside me, and it makes me pause for a moment to dream about what you’ll be like when you finally arrive.  Since we don’t know if you’re a boy or a girl (though your daddy and I each have our own opinions on that), my thoughts lean more towards what you’re little (or big!) personality will be like.  I’m guessing that you’re going to be a bit of a firecracker. 

So thank you for the little hello’s during the day, and feel free to keep them up as often as you feel necessary.  Let’s just be clear – no coming out until week 36 please!




Another trip to Tennessee!  We took the scenic route both up and back and it was FANTASTIC.  One of my SIL’s thought that sounded terrible, and the other said it sounded like a great time.  Guess I know who I WON’T be taking a car trip with, hmm??

Pretty little thing

We were way too hungover to be participating in sunrise photo shoots, but I’m so glad we did!

This road may have been a bad decision.  1hr to go 8miles.  Ouch.

Awesome vineyard that we stopped at in N. GA.  Aren’t all vineyard’s awesome though??  Check them out here.

Fabulous trip, for sure.

A few weeks ago we went up to the cabin with Josh’s family (minus one brother/wife/kiddo combo who were in PA with her family).  We had a total blast riding the go-carts and causing a ruckus like the big group of rednecks that we are.

I won’t lie – I adore being from Tennessee.   It works as a great excuse when you want to wear no shoes or use “bless her heart” as a backhanded compliment or refer to the police as “the law”.   It also doesn’t hurt that this particular weekend we were up in the Sevierville/Gatlinburg area, which just calls to you to let your inner Dolly out.

I digress.  What I wanted to share was a picture I took of my niece and my father in law that melts my heart into a Paula Deen sized pool of butter.

I L.O.V.E. this picture.  I want to blow it up and frame it in my house, and it’s not even my child.

They were snuggling on the porch of our cabin, he was tickling her in her “pandi” pj’s and she was giggling hysterically.  I had my camera out to take some pictures of the mountains, and I turned around and just started snapping the two of them.

The great thing about always using your family as practice when you’re starting out a photography business is that they all become immune to the camera.  No one blinks when I pull out the big guy and start taking pictures of them doing whatever it is that they’re focused on at the moment.

I hope that in many, many years, when my father in law is long gone and my niece has children of her own, she’ll look at this picture and remember how sweet is was to be 5 and able to curl up so comfortably in her Papa’s lap.  How easy it was to laugh and giggle and wear pandi pajamas and not worry about anything other than where he’s going to tickle next.

Josh woke me up at 7:30 (I wasn’t alert enough to pick up my camera til later)
To drag my to HD for their Black Friday sale (but it’s Saturday??!)
Then we mailed in our taxes
Drove to Chattanooga
To meet up with my parents (Don’t worry, she’s in costume…not a hooker)
She sang – fabulously I might add
They won! Well, 3rd place, but I’m still proud
Then Josh and I walked around Chattanooga taking pictures
And then we at dinner with “Smokey Mountain Harmony” (how cute is that?  Seriously?!), and drove home.  Alas, there are no pictures of the drive home because this chickadee was passed the eff out.  I’m such a great driving companion!

My niece was born yesterday.  We went to bed last night with one more member of our family than we woke up with.  She is

the 2nd child to my brother and sister in law

the 4th grandbaby to my mother and father in law

the 2nd niece to Josh and I

It was a long road for my brother and sister in law.  My nephew came fairly easily – a few months of trying followed by a fairly easy pregnancy.  However, when they went to conceive baby number 2, there was a lot of heartache: mulitiple miscarraiges (not all in the first trimester), the discovery of a clotting disorder in my SIL, and a rough, injection filled pregnancy. 

Lots of bed rest and tip-toeing around to ensure that this baby stayed right where she belonged. 

Even the prep for delivery was monitored very carefully.  My SIL spent the night before in the hospital being watched like a hawk.  Contractions lasted every 1-3 minutes all night long, but labor just didn’t progress. 

Around 1pm I got the text that she probably wouldn’t come until after 5, so we started chatting back and forth about moving around dinner plans, longer hospital stays…blah blah blah.  Then 40 min later, I got a “getting ready to push!” message…apparently my lovely niece was OVER the birth canal and ready to make her entrance.

And enter she did not long after. 

She’s beautiful…a perfect, tiny miracle.  Little chubbly cheeks and big sparkly eyes.  And she smells SO FREAKING GOOD.  Nothing on this entire planet beats the smell of a brand new baby.

Welcome to the world, Caroline Grace.  We are so happy you’re finally here.