The Kitties

It’s been awhile.  My bad.  Let’s just jump back in, hmm?

Yesterday was awesome.  Read: HEINOUS.

First we took the skitties to the vet for their annual visit.  Some were just plain terrified

Others were little assholes who MEEEOOOWWWWWed the whole way there

But I won’t name names.

Then we got home, and Josh proceeded to empty any and all stomach contents via violent vomiting all day.

(don’t worry, there will never be a picture of someone hurling on here.  GAG)

While he was busy dieing and the sky opened up and released one hell of a thunderstorm on the south, I cleaned like the dickens.  And worried for my life that one of those huge oaks in our backyard would fall on my while my normal rescuer lay helpless upstairs, unable to save me.

And then, due to my obvious distractions,  I dyed my beautiful, expensive, cream colored towels that we received as a wedding gift TURQUOISE, thanks to a lovely scarf.

Aren’t you jealous of my fabulous day?  I know.

Today was going much better, until I sat down to write this post on my patio and a bird promptly pooped on my shirt.  And hand.

Is it Monday yet??


Our neighbors went down to Miami for a mini-vacation, and since we watched THEIR kitties while they were gone, they brought Gus a new toy.
Checkin it out


Josh prodding it so he’ll attack


AND consider the flamingo destroyed. Ouch