March 2011

Dear little baby inside my tummy,

I’m a little concerned.  See, you’re currently at 30weeks, 2 days gestation – which means that you still have AT LEAST another 6 weeks of cooking to do – and I can tell you already want out.  You have wiggled, poked, kicked, punched, rolled, and stretched more in the past 3 days than I ever thought was possible for someone who only weighs in at around 3lbs.  Even now, as I sit at work and lean against my desk to type, you are pushing so hard that my body is being physically shoved away from my desk.

Don’t get me wrong – I absolutely LOVE to feel you move around.  It’s a constant reminder of the perfect little life growing inside me, and it makes me pause for a moment to dream about what you’ll be like when you finally arrive.  Since we don’t know if you’re a boy or a girl (though your daddy and I each have our own opinions on that), my thoughts lean more towards what you’re little (or big!) personality will be like.  I’m guessing that you’re going to be a bit of a firecracker. 

So thank you for the little hello’s during the day, and feel free to keep them up as often as you feel necessary.  Let’s just be clear – no coming out until week 36 please!




Floppy tulips from the backyard make for a better day 🙂