When I quit my heinous 60+hrs/wk sales job last July, I told myself I would only take a job that required 40hrs per week MAX.  A punch in at 9, out at 5, no one giving you the evil eye if you left before 6:30 or calling you on the weekend with a thousand problems kind of job.  I put my foot down.  !  My personal life is MY OWN, gosh durnit, and I’ll be damned if any company tries to drain my soul away.  So there.

About a month later an old coworker, who had moved into an executive role at a sister company, called and said Oh GinaRose, I have this coordinator job that’s stricly 9-5, no OT, is totally brainless and is only a 4 month contract.  PERFECT!  I showed up, coordinated, left at 5:30 every day, and didn’t waste one extra second at home thinking about work.

But my teensy HR department started noticing that I had some free time, and some other skills (I got SKILZ, ya’ll), and so I started helping out the managers and the VP on some projects.  All well and good, because I was still leaving at 5:30.

Well apparently word got around that I could coordinate projects like a mother (SKILZ) and so another VP asked if he could pull me away from HR for 3 weeks for “just a little project”.  Word to the wise: your version of “just a little project” may be a little different than said VP’s.  Holy mother of pearl.  Last week I put in over 45hrs, and that’s only because they capped my OT and made me leave early Friday.  This week, probably going to be 50+.

Goodbye, getting home before 7:30pm and dinner before 9.  Goodbye not thinking about work after 5:30.  Goodbye days where I only truly “worked” for a few hours, and spent the rest of the day catching up on all of my favorites in the bloggy universe!

I’m glad this project is ending next week.  I don’t know how much more of this work nonsense I can take!