Late last week I stomped my feet and waved my arms in the air and was all OMG BIATCH QUIT USING 47 COMMAS IN ONE SENTENCE!   And then my amazing husband proofread for spelling errors, and I stepped off my soapbox and went on my merry way.  

Please allow me to hop back up on my snazzy little soapbox for a moment.   


I just received the following e-mail:  

Thanks but it was a user error i typed my name and password which was my name a couple of different ways and i got through i will try to get some of the classes done today but i do work tomorrow and then i will try to finish what i need to do and then… I wait for N*** to call or will he let me know what I need to do 


Um, I’ll tell you what you need to do.  You need to go back to the 3rd grade and learn how to WRITE A PROPER SENTENCE.   

Because I’m in HR, I am privy to the fact that you are 34 years old.  According to my not-so-stellar math skills (still better than your writing skills!  BAM!), that puts you approximately 26 YEARS behind in your writing skills.   

With the exception of the 5 periods randomly tossed into this giant sentence (and by the way, it’s called an ellipsis and you only need 3) there is absolutely no punctuation.  Not even a period to signify that it’s over, which leads me to believe that he’s still rambling on somewhere.  

So now I can’t decide what’s worse: 47 commas, or ZERO punctuation.