I do not claim to be a grammar queen. I’m not perfect, was not an English major, and would probably not be able to perfectly diagram a complex sentence.


There is a woman I work with who consistently overuses comma’s, and OMG it makes me want to pull, her, hair, out.

Why does this bother me? Because punctuation is there for a reason. When there is an exclamation point, my internal voice get excited! A question mark? Little voice goes UP?

And when there is a comma, I, pause. So when, you misuse, or overuse, a comma, I am constantly stopping, and, starting, in my head. And that drives me BONKERS.

Example of said e-mail:

He said he was on the road, today, and was stopping to do the paperwork, however for some reason, all he did was accept the position. I’ve left him another message, so hopefully he can get to it, today.

DUDE. Is that, really, necessary? I’ll answer that one for you: NO. You can have a nice long sentence with no commas at all and have it still be grammatically correct! It’s amazing!

So I got all passive aggressive and responded with this:

I did receive the fax, from him, and everything looked great. However, I have not received the DT results, yet.

It didn’t work:

He took it, yesterday.

It actually IS a little funny, because this woman is one of the slowest speakers I’ve ever had the *pleasure* of listening to. Although if I were going to describe the way she speaks in text, I wouldn’t overuse commas, but instead I would reaallllllyyy drrawww out worrrrrrrrdsssss.

I know I type all crazy on this blog. I use CAPS and exclamation! points! a lot! And I’m all OMG, STFU. And I start sentences with conjunctions. BUT, this is a blog that I write for fun – not the workplace.

So, can we all agree, to make a little, extra, effort, when e-mailing, at work? PLEASE,

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