I just had my first experience falling on a treadmill. I’m not sure whether to be embarrassed or proud, so I’m going with proud (that nothing is broken)

One minute I’m running (OK fine, vigorously walking), and then I find myself totally distracted by the realization that I completely forgot to paint a second coat of minty green paint on the wall to my left, and next thing you know I’m all


And then I’m on the floor of my spare bedroom with the treadmill still goin’ strong next to me and scrapes on my knees and hand.

That’s right, I used to be a dancer. But more importantly, WTF was I thinking not doing a second coat of paint on ONE HALF of ONE WALL? And has anyone else noticed?! I’m pretty sure I didn’t stop and hit the crackpipe halfway through my afternoon of painting, and it certainly wasn’t a conscious decision. Did I forget to open a window? Are there other unfinished walls in my house? I’m a really as “special” as people think?

The funniest part? Probably 10 minutes prior to my near-death fall, I had joked to Josh saying “We really should think about moving the treadmill away from the wall. You know, in case you fall one day. HAHAHA”

Ahhh, karma. I love you too.