We’re both sick.  Like, feel like total and complete a-hole, sick.  And while we went to bed around 9:30 to try to sleep it off, it was unfortunately a very active night.  Our conversation went something like this:

Approx midnight

Josh: *cough cough cough*

GG:  You ok?

J: *cough* I think I’m dying *cough*

G: Why don’t you take some COUGH medicine?

J: Good call  *cough*  (gets up to take medicine)


J: *cough cough COUGH*

G: What the hell honey?! Did you take medicine?

J: *cough* I think I’m dying

G: You’re not dying.


G: Dude.  You need to go to the doctor

J: I’m not sick         *cough*



G:  I’m making you a doctor’s appointment tomorrow, because, you know, I like sleep.

J: Don’t be *cough* mean.  I’m *cough* probably dying.  Do you have any hydrocodone left?

G:  You mean the medicine I keep on hand for when I have kidney stones?  Arguably the worst pain on the PLANET?  THAT MEDICINE??

J: *cough*  yes

G:  Whatever.  It’s in the bathroom somewhere.  You can have one if you can find it.

J: *cough*


G: You need to go to a clinic today.  Last night sucked.

J: What are you talking about?

And then my head exploded.