My niece was born yesterday.  We went to bed last night with one more member of our family than we woke up with.  She is

the 2nd child to my brother and sister in law

the 4th grandbaby to my mother and father in law

the 2nd niece to Josh and I

It was a long road for my brother and sister in law.  My nephew came fairly easily – a few months of trying followed by a fairly easy pregnancy.  However, when they went to conceive baby number 2, there was a lot of heartache: mulitiple miscarraiges (not all in the first trimester), the discovery of a clotting disorder in my SIL, and a rough, injection filled pregnancy. 

Lots of bed rest and tip-toeing around to ensure that this baby stayed right where she belonged. 

Even the prep for delivery was monitored very carefully.  My SIL spent the night before in the hospital being watched like a hawk.  Contractions lasted every 1-3 minutes all night long, but labor just didn’t progress. 

Around 1pm I got the text that she probably wouldn’t come until after 5, so we started chatting back and forth about moving around dinner plans, longer hospital stays…blah blah blah.  Then 40 min later, I got a “getting ready to push!” message…apparently my lovely niece was OVER the birth canal and ready to make her entrance.

And enter she did not long after. 

She’s beautiful…a perfect, tiny miracle.  Little chubbly cheeks and big sparkly eyes.  And she smells SO FREAKING GOOD.  Nothing on this entire planet beats the smell of a brand new baby.

Welcome to the world, Caroline Grace.  We are so happy you’re finally here.