I”m sitting here on the comfy couch in my living room, snuggled up next to my husband under a gold Pier 1 blanket, watching Man vs. Wild.  You know, NOT gagging.

And I’m watching Bear in the desert explaining how to survive the in Sahara when it’s 10million degrees outside, which is very cool, and I’m sure it will be useful if I’m ever dropped from a plane into the middle of Africa with no tools.

Then he comes across a dead camel.  Understandably, he checks it to see if it’s still any good to eat.  It’s not.  He then cuts it down it’s gut and starts poking around on the inside.  Now, I would like to say that I GET that it’s really, really hot, and that there’s no shelter for miles around.  However.  The man CRAWLS INSIDE THE CAMEL.  The very DEAD camel.  The one that is too rancid and rotten to eat.  He crawls inside and pulls the rotting flesh over him like it’s his own little rank camel wigwam, and is all THIS WILL PROTECT ME FROM THE SUN.

But what will protect you from the ROTTING CAMEL?!?

Now?  Now I am gagging.