DUDE.  For those who aren’t blessed (?) enough to live in the southern half of the country, I need to let you in on a little secret.

4inches of snow = BLIZZARD

As in, roads shut down.  Businesses closed.  All milk, tp, and beer GONE from The Krogers.

It also brings out the inner kid in all of us, which could be why even though there aren’t any kids on our street there was a giant snowball fight last night.  Boys vs. Girls.  I may or may not have been hit in the face with a snowball….but I’ve never claimed to have any of that hand-eye “coordination” nonsense.


We headed out on the “treacherous” roads this morning (as in, my husband woke me up at 6:30AM like a kid on Christmas.  A kid on Christmas who brought mommy a very large cup of coffee.  Smart kid.) to take some pictures.

I love this vintage look.

Have I mentioned that my husband is my favorite?

He’s my favorite

Just making sure it’s safe…

This thing was like 9ft tall.  Made out of 4 inches of snowfall.  BEAT THAT CANADA